Join us for an immersive experience at
Queen Mira International School, Madurai!

How it works

  • Family Visit Required:
  • We encourage both parents and their child to attend the school visit. This allows for a more informed and collaborative decision-making process for the whole family.

  • Cancellation:
  • If you fail to show up, you will have to restart the process by submitting a new inquiry form through our website.

  • Walk-in Process:
  • Step 1: Reservations Recommended: Securing a reservation through our online form prioritises your visit and ensures a dedicated counsellor is available.

    Step 2: Confirmation & Scheduling: Upon receiving your online submission, an admission counsellor will contact you to confirm details and schedule your visit slot.

    Step 3: On-site Visit Verification: A brief pre-verification will be conducted to ensure a smooth experience. An academic counsellor will be assigned to assist you further.

    Step 4: Guided School Tour: To book a school tour, please purchase our application form costing ₹ 1500. An academic counsellor will provide a personalised tour and address any questions you may have within a 30-minute timeframe.

    Step 5: Immediate Admission: If you decide to proceed with enrolment after the visit, you can seamlessly transition into the admission process with the assistance of our counsellor.

Don't miss this opportunity to:

  • Learn about our unique curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Ask questions and get all your doubts cleared.
  • Experience the Queen Mira difference firsthand.

Limited spots available!