Comparing Curriculum and Extracurriculars at the Best Schools in Madurai.

The academic program of India’s educational system is designed to identify and uplift every student’s strengths and interests. The top CBSE schools in Tamilnadu strive to make learning joyful by perfectly blending the curriculum highlights and values from the extracurricular activities to help students achieve excellence beyond the classrooms. Read on to learn about the exemplary approaches adopted by the CBSE international board schools in Madurai, QMIS.

How does a curated curriculum mould a student’s abilities?

Queen Mira International School Madurai is the first and the best CBSE school in Tamilnadu with a CIS accreditation. The school blends the CBSE curriculum to match international standards and values to help students flourish in the global platform.

QMIS’s 3B curriculum model taps the hidden potential of every child and consistent growth with a positive outlook.

The school’s early childhood programme (Pre KG, KG1, & KG2) strives to foster curiosity, exploration, and discovery in the children by providing a fun-filled and safe learning environment. The Primary School programme (Grades 1-5) helps kids to explore, stay curious, and develop different creative skills such as reading, listening, writing, speaking, and observation.

The Middle Years Academic programme (for Grades 6, 7, and 8) is designed to emphasise the students’ different intellectual and developmental needs, rendering the academic subjects research-based. Being one of the top CBSE schools in Tamilnadu, it can achieve progression and continuity through accurate and consistent evaluation. To steer confident young minds to excel academically and in the global platform, the school’s Secondary program is the best phase. QMIS strongly believes in and strives to shape the leaders of tomorrow through holistic education. Exposure to diverse backgrounds and a joyful learning environment equips them with global exposure to meet different competitive exams & other challenges. 

Students are provided innumerable opportunities and the right guidance at every phase of their learning, to acquire multi-dimensional knowledge in the subjects and attain holistic development. QMIS has also established various events and workshops embedded in their everyday routine which will instil discipline and confidence in the young minds. If you search for the best CBSE schools near me, it is QMIS that makes ‘Happy Schooling’ a reality.

How do co-curricular activities help children bloom?

It is beyond the textbooks and the walls of a classroom that children get to learn life lessons. In addition to academics, it is skills like teamwork, communication, time management, and problem-solving abilities that a child learns through the co-curricular, will shape his/her personality. A few notable benefits of extra-curricular in schools are:

  • Improved social skills: The top CBSE international board schools in Madurai such as Queen Mira, believe in providing a diverse learning environment to its students which will in turn improve their socialising skills.
  • Discover their identity and interests: When students are exposed to new experiences & ideas, they also learn to acknowledge their strengths & interests, which will help shape them as successful professionals.
  • Boosted confidence: The self-esteem of the students gets boosted when their confidence improves. To attain this, they must be presented with ample opportunities and an encouraging learning environment and acknowledged with rewards. This level of boosted recognition can be achieved through participating in co-curricular activities.
  • Embrace diverse cultures: When put amidst a diverse peer group with dissimilar upbringings and cultures, students learn intuitive values like empathy, global awareness, and better communication.
  • Improved emotional well-being: When students get to express themselves creatively, they transform into composed, creative, and stress-free individuals which will in turn reflect in their academic performance.
  • Gain a wide network: By interacting with peers, mentors, experts, and teachers, students learn to bond well and expand their network which is critical for their personal and professional success.
  • Achieve holistic growth: Participating in co – curricular activities refines the students’ personal, emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development.

Learn about the carefully curated extra-curricular activities of QMIS.

Acclaimed as the best CBSE international board in Madurai, Queen Mira stands by its motto of “More & Beyond” in providing education of international standards and enrichment programs to instil a global outlook and shape the leaders of tomorrow. QMIS stands as a pioneer in developing and blending co – curricular activities with a curriculum that aids in tracking and encouraging holistic growth for its student community. A few notable initiatives are:

  • Co-Curricular Activities: A wide range of extra-curricular sessions, to help students manifest their inherent skills and follow their interests.
  • Rhapsody: Learning through music as a tool to shape disciplined learners, and emphasise a scientific approach.
  • STEAM sessions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics): An innovative learning method which integrates cross-curricular subject linkage to boost collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Student enrichment clubs: To foster linguistic interests, nurture creativity, and instil values through edutainment, the school QMIS has exemplary initiatives like the Erudite, Heritage, Science, Adventure, and Agaram clubs.

QMIS ensures happy schooling and holistic growth for its students to emerge as champs in different fields. What more can you ask for your ward? Visit the school website to know more about their unique initiatives and admission details to secure a perfect learning environment for your child.

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