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Unlock the path to success by selecting Queen Mira, the ultimate choice for a brighter future!
This Vijayadashami, kickstart your child's educational journey on an auspicious note!


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In addition to achieving the highly coveted CIS accreditation , our affiliation with the British Council and our outstanding rankings from Education World and Univariety distinguish us as a prestigious school.

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Education world
British council
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Learning is a lifelong
journey, and it begins
here at Queen Mira
International School

We take pride in being the first-ever CBSE school worldwide to receive the prestigious CIS accreditation for delivering high-quality education, fostering global citizenship, and maintaining exceptional international safety standards.

Our commitment to personalized education is reflected in our small class sizes, boasting a 1:10 teacher-student ratio. Our goal is to make every student feel like the hero of their own learning adventure.

Early Childhood

Pre-KG, KG1, KG2

Our Early Childhood program inculcates in children curiosity, exploration, and discovery in a fun-filled, safe, and happy learning environment.

We are focused on childhood development and provide a stimulating and engaging program to accommodate the age range of children and young people in a safe and caring environment.

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Our Innovative Teaching Methodology for Your Child's Success

Prime areas

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, social, and emotional development

Specific areas

  • Literacy
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Act now and ensure your child's future success!

Happy Schooling – Queen Mira’s curriculum is based on a harmonious blend of the CBSE requirements while adhering to the international standards of the CIS.

Learning Through Play

Our curriculum emphasizes creativity, effective communication, and curiosity, promoting children's development through play, which nurtures language and communication skills.

Celebrating Each Unique Child

Every child is inherently a capable learner right from birth, possessing the potential for resilience, capability, confidence, and self-assurance.

Nurturing Positive Relationships

Children acquire strength and independence when grounded in loving and secure relationships with their parents and caregivers.

Fostering Supportive Environments

Our environments are thoughtfully designed to bolster and expand upon a child's development and learning.

Promoting Learning and Growth

Children embark on their unique paths of development and learning, each at their own pace and through diverse avenues. Every facet of their learning and growth holds equal significance.

Come Experience an exclusive 40-minute demo class
in Pre-KG, KG-1, and KG-2, led by a skilled team.

Discover a world of opportunities under one roof.

QMIS Pride
A happy school committed to holistic education for a sustainable world.

Leading the way in educational excellence.

A high-quality educational institution.

Offering CBSE, CIS, and international accreditation.

Providing a comprehensive blended learning experience from KG to 12th grade.

This Vijayadasami, start your child’s education on an auspicious note! Your child couldn’t have a better start to success than with QMIS.

A Visionary School Nurturing Responsible Global Citizens


Boasts 13 years of continuous progress and excellence in education.

International Accreditation

Proudly holds accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS) in Leiden, Netherlands, making it the first-ever CBSE school to achieve this recognition.

Prestigious Awards

Recognized with The Education World Award and The British Council's International Dimension in School designation.

Staff-Student Ratio

Maintains an impressive ratio of 1:10 for personalized attention.

Academic Excellence

Demonstrates a strong academic track record in Grades X and XII, maintaining a consistent school average of 84%.

Safety Standards

Ensures international safety standards are met and maintained.

Core Values

Instills key values, including Accountability, Commitment, Integrity, Respect, and Positivity in students.

Holistic Development

Prioritizes balanced physical, social, and emotional growth of students.

Intercultural Learning

Encourages diversity and promote intercultural learning experiences.

Global Connections

Establishes connections with hundreds of universities worldwide through a unique online career guidance portal.

Innovative Learning

Implements STEAM and Student-Driven learning programs to foster cross-curricular linkage and enhance millennial learners' skills.

Fitness Program

Promotes physical fitness through the BFIT fitness program.

NCC Wing

Focusses on disciplined leadership and service to the nation through the establishment of an NCC wing.

Inter-School Success

Secures the overall winner title for three consecutive years in KIDDIFEST, an inter-school competition with 3000 students from 125 schools across four districts.

Our classes are filling up fast, but we're ready to reserve a spot
for your child's bright journey.


World-class Faculty, Under One Roof

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Your child will be taught by some of the best teachers in the industry who go to great lengths to make sure that the children are safe, happy, and keep learning.

This Vijayadashami, start your child’s education on an auspicious note! Your child couldn’t have a better start to success than with QMIS.

World-class Facilities and Infrastructure

Our campus has been crafted as a nurturing educational setting to foster the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of our students. Here are some of the features our campus proudly offers:

Ergonomically - Designed Furniture

Furniture designed for comfort and efficiency.

Aesthetically Decked Learning Spaces

Learning spaces are thoughtfully adorned to cater to students' various levels and requirements, stimulating and enhancing their young minds.

Air-Conditioned Classrooms

Classrooms are equipped with air conditioning for a conducive learning atmosphere.

Real-World Extracurricular Activities

Every extracurricular activity is meticulously planned to align with practical use and real-world demands, allowing students to immerse themselves in a realistic environment while participating in school activities.


Music Room

Dance Studio





basketball court

Computer Room


Counselling Cell

Enhanced Safety

BFit Classes

Robotics Lab
in Madurai

Sibling Care


Safety is Our Priority

Safety is a given when it comes to our children and that is extended to transporting students to and from school as well. QMIS, which guarantees the safety of its children, brings peace of mind to its school management and parents.

Our state-of-the-art coach fleet provides safe, secure, and consistently on-time delivery of student transportation services for those students entrusted in our care.

  • We do a complete background check of all our drivers and attendants.
  • CCTVs fixed in every bus.
  • Parents can track the bus movements at any point with the help of the trackers embedded in every bus.

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    KG Fee Structure 2023 - 2024

    Enjoy the benefit of two waived terms for Vijayadasami admissions!

    Vijayadasami Fee Structure - Valid Till October 2023
    Grade Admission Fee Book Fee Term 1 Term 4 Total
    Grade PKG
    Admission Fee 17,500
    Book Fee 8,660
    Term 1 33,300
    Term 4 27,500
    Total 86,960
    Grade KG1
    Admission Fee 17,500
    Book Fee 10,840
    Term 1 34,000
    Term 4 27,800
    Total 90,140
    Grade KG2
    Admission Fee 17,500
    Book Fee 10,920
    Term 1 34,000
    Term 4 28,200
    Total 90,620

    Don't miss out! Come Experience QMIS,purchase the application form and tour our campus to witness your child's future, including a 40-minute demo class in Pre-KG, KG-1, and KG-2.




    Queen Mira International School

    Melakkal Road, Kochadai, Madurai - 625 019, Tamil Nadu, India



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