The Future of Education: Trends in CIS Accredited Schools

Transformational Benefits of CIS Accreditation in the International Schools in Madurai.

The international schools in India are smartly adopting and integrating the values and norms of renowned accreditations and affiliations in their curriculum to provide a comprehensive global to the students. One such is the CIS accreditation which guides and monitors schools to evolve to the growing needs and potential of the student community. Read on to learn about the intrinsic aspects of CIS accreditation and the effective approaches of the international schools in Madurai that help students emerge as confident and responsible leaders.

Know the what and why of CIS Accreditation.

CIS (Council of International Schools) is a non-profit organisation comprising member schools from around the world. The CIS Accreditation is given by the National Association of Independent Schools, USA as a bona fide agency and by various government & non-government agencies in many other countries.

CIS assists more than 1,120 International Schools & higher education member institutions by integrating world-class conventions to offer professional & competitive services, which are: 

  • “International School Accreditation Educator Recruitment Service.”
  • “Student Recruitment Tours for Universities.”
  • “School Leadership Search.”
  • “CIS Forum on International University Admission & Guidance.”
  • “International Education Resources.”

It extends its services to elementary, secondary schools & higher education institutions which believe in the following principles:

  • A strong desire to equip students with knowledge, skills & abilities to pursue their interests and come out as global citizens.
  • Schools that are committed to offering high-quality education by infusing international and intercultural perspectives into their programs to help students progress with the right attitude and understanding.
  • Schools that are committed to elementary & secondary school members to undertake an ongoing quality assurance method to enhance student learning.

How does a CIS accreditation benefit the school & its student community?

  • Getting admission into one of the top CBSE international board schools with CIS accreditation implies that the student now belongs to a global community.
  • Providing a high-quality international education, more than 400 schools across the world now hold CIS accreditation status after rigorously and thoroughly monitoring the school’s performance record
  • CIS Accredited Schools demonstrate their commitment to international education & continual improvement.
  • Most of these schools follow the CBSE international board and smartly merge the CIS values in the CBSE course module to offer the best of both worlds.
  • Several renowned educational institutions in our country and abroad recognise and acknowledge the efficacy & globally recognised standards of a CIS-accredited school.
  • Bigger institutions and organisations seek students from these schools that promote their multifaceted skills and globalised perspectives.
  • The CIS accreditation is proof of a school’s dedication to its mission in maintaining the standards to seek validation from a recognised international authority.
  • Queen Mira Madurai which is one of the best international schools in Madurai has its goals and values aligned in line with the well-being of the student and school community.
  • Schools with CIS accreditation stand by and strive to achieve the core value of “holistic growth” of its students.
  • The CIS accredited schools follow objective assessment to identify & encourage real potential and are ever ready to be evaluated by respective panels of experienced authorities.
  • These schools constantly seek to improve their performance in extra-curriculars and plan proactively and integrate them considering the student’s future endeavours.

How does Queen Mira Madurai integrate CIS values into its teaching?

Queen Mira Madurai which is one of the top CBSE international board schools is also the first school in the world to be given the CIS accreditation. The school has been showcasing ever since its inception, an impressive academic record, perfect adherence to international safety norms & standards, and offering high-quality international education. 

  • Queen Mira Madurai, to achieve academic brilliance and groom future leaders, blends the best of best of CBSE and CIS values.
  • Interactive classrooms with the ideal teacher-student ratio are one of the highlights of QMIS which makes ‘happy schooling’ possible.
  • SEPs (student enrichment programs) along with the varied art clubs is one of QMIS’s prime pillars which enables every student to feel valued and empowered.
  • Surpassing the CIS standards, QMIS has integrated several co-curricular activities & workshops as a part of the student’s daily routine which ensures that their physical and emotional well-being is taken care of by the Health & Safety Committee.
  • Guided and assisted by the CIS & UN’s Sustainable development goals, the school has established a Global Citizenship Programme, a framework that links the school’s curriculum with global values, gives students the right opportunity to learn, empathize, and participate in social collaborations and emerge as leaders.
  • The school’s Digital Citizenship Committee which is a part of its CIS wing, encourages & guides students in the responsible use of technologies which will enhance their teaching and learning experiences, and empower them to turn creative and collaborate well.
  • Queen Mira Madurai is a pioneer in implementing techniques and a leader in achieving the holistic growth of its students through its cross-curricular learning sessions and multi-faceted art clubs/events to shape well-rounded and independent individuals.

Head to the QMIS website to learn about their exclusive initiatives and grant the best schooling for your child.

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